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LOKi Lotion = HOPE

We believe everyone deserves a PAIN FREE life! 

Our mission is simple: Provide affordable & natural pain solutions to the people! 

Through needing hope of their own the LOKi founders Beth & Christina saw a need for natural non-addictive pain alternatives. With Christina’s love of Cannabis and Beth’s obsession with Essential Oils they came together in 2015 and created a product line FOR THE PEOPLE! Our country is over medicated and under cared for, especially our socio-economic disadvantaged communities! With your support we can continue our outreach, break stigma, reduce fear & most importantly educate! Call us today and find out how you can help us help them. 

Everyone deserves to feel good, If you don’t feel good you don’t do good!

The more we understand how the body works and what it needs to flourish the more we understand that our bodies were designed to receive cannabis through our endocanabinoid system . Everyday our bodies fight off toxins and then we over tax ourselves with synthetic products that work agianst us. Its time to take control of our health and get educated about Cannabis and essential oil therapy. 

Please follow our story and help us educate you about Cannabis.


We are the Change!!

Beth Ostermann

P: 310-266-8604

Christina Marsh 

P: 213-309-9778


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